Y2D Steve Morse

Another surprise from our vault. I brought this back from NAMM earlier this year, it is from the Music Man Storage Account. The book matched quilt top is one of the best I have ever seen. Also check out that flamed neck! Whoever ends up with this guitar will be one lucky person.

About the Steve Morse Y2D

The original Steve Morse guitar went into production in 1987. To celebrate the success of the relationship with Steve, Music Man released the Y2D in 2005. It is an extremely versatile guitar, checkout our videos with Steve demoing it.


- Purple Sunset
- DiMarzio Steve Morse Pickups
- Locking tuners
- Quilt top
- Insane flamed neck
- Rosewood fretboard
- Compensated nut
- Tone Pros bridge
- Matching Headstock
- Factory Hardcase

Ball Family Reserve


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