Ernie Ball Wah


Ernie Ball "Wah Pedal"

The Ernie Ball Wah is a rugged tough pedal built like a tank and road ready for any pedal-board, studio or jam room you may encounter. This pedal feature a very smooth, fluid response with a dynamic range capturing the lowest low to bright shimmering highs.

The Ernie Ball Wah is clean and concise, quiet and well voiced for a variety of styles and tastes.

Destined to be a collectors item

Don't be misled by this product being discontinued. Many products have been discontinued over the years only to be highly collectable in years to come (remember the 808 and ts-9 tube screamers?). This is truly a great pedal that will be collectable, don't miss out.


- Aluminum alloy casting
- Front mounted jacks
- Adjustable on-off switch
- 12 degree foot sweep
- True bypass
- No slip surface
- Smooth coated kevlar drive
- AC or battery powered
- Bright green LED lights
- Free shipping within Australia
- Normally $325

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