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Pedal Power ISO-5

The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power ISO-5 is the perfect compact solution for smaller pedalboards, rack shelves, or an additional power supply for larger boards. The ISO-5 features five isolated, filtered, and regulated output sections the silent operation will give you all tone, and no hiss. Even for vintage and boutique pedals, this ultra-quiet power supply is a perfect choice for pedaling your expensive and hard to find stompboxes.

The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power ISO-5 has a high-current output which will power modern digital effects such as Line 6, TC Electronic, and Eventide. Choose 9v or 18v, also. The Voodoo Lab ISO-5 will meet the needs of the most demanding professional playing situation by providing consistent, clean, power even with poor AC line conditions found on a lot of stages. The ISO-5 has a isolated output section to eliminate ground loops and undesirable interactions between stompboxes, and delivers outstanding tone and lower noise.

Pedal Power ISO-5 Features

- Five isolated outputs
- Compatible with all battery pedals
- 9V,12V outputs, dedicated 18V output
- Includes cables
- Detachable AC line cord
- Compact design fits small pedalboards
- 5-year warranty
- Hand built in the USA
- Free shipping within Australia



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